Dental Crowns in Boca Raton, FL

If you are looking for a way to improve the look of your teeth and restore their functionality, dental crowns may be the perfect solution. Crowns are an ideal choice for individuals who have suffered from damage or decay to their teeth. Not only do they provide aesthetic benefits but they also protect the remaining healthy portion of your tooth while restoring its function. If you’re looking for dental crowns in Boca Raton, FL, give us a call today!

What To Know About Dental Crowns

Crowns are designed to fit over the existing natural tooth structure, providing protection and restoring strength. They are typically made of porcelain, metal alloys, or composite resin and are custom-made for each individual patient to ensure a comfortable fit.

Tooth crowns offer numerous benefits to patients who choose them as a restorative treatment option. Not only can they help improve the appearance of damaged teeth but they can also prevent further damage by providing strength and stability where it is needed most. Additionally, crowns protect what remains of your natural tooth structure and can even help improve the alignment of your bite if it has been affected by wear or decay.

Our doctors can help you determine if dental crowns are the right solution for you needs. During your consultation, we will evaluate the condition of your teeth and make recommendations based on what we find. We also offer various types of crowns so you can select one that best fits your budget and preferences.

Dental Crowns
Dental Crowns
Dental Crowns

Reasons to Choose Dental Crowns for Tooth Restoration

Our dental professionals often recommend crowns for various reasons. Some of the most common include:

  • To restore a damaged tooth: Teeth can become cracked, chipped, worn down, or otherwise damaged over time. A crown can help strengthen and protect the tooth, restoring it to its original structure.
  • To improve the aesthetic appearance of a tooth: Crowns can be used to make a discolored tooth look brighter or to hide gaps between teeth.
  • To support a dental bridge: When multiple teeth are missing, our cosmetic dentist may recommend a dental bridge to fill in the gap. Crowns are used as anchors on either side of the false tooth to provide stability.
  • To cover a dental implant: Dental implants require a crown to be placed over them in order to complete the restoration process. This helps restore the original look and function of the missing tooth.

Step-by-Step Process for Getting a Dental Crown

1. Comprehensive Oral Examination and Assessment

During your initial appointment, our dentists will perform a thorough examination of your teeth and gums to ensure that a crown is the best solution for restoring your smile. We may take x-rays or impressions of your teeth and mouth to get an accurate picture of the damage or decay present. We’ll also discuss any other treatments that may be necessary before we can place a crown.

2. Tooth Preparation for Crown Placement

Once we’ve determined that a crown is right for you, we’ll prepare your tooth by filing it down to make room for the crown and cleaning it of any bacteria or decay. We may also use a local anesthetic to ensure your comfort during this phase of the process.

3. Creating and Fitting Your Custom-Made Dental Crown

We’ll take impressions of your prepared tooth and send them off to a dental laboratory where they will create a custom-made crown specifically designed to fit your tooth perfectly. A temporary crown may be placed on your tooth in the meantime to protect it until the permanent crown is ready.

4. Placement of Your Permanent Dental Crown

Once the permanent crown is ready, we’ll check it for fit and make any necessary adjustments before cementing it into place. We will also provide you with proper care instructions to ensure that your new crown lasts a long time.

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Alman & Katz Advanced Cosmetic & Family Dentistry is proud to offer dental crowns in Boca Raton, FL. We use advanced technology and techniques to provide you with the strongest, most natural-looking crowns possible. Contact our dental office today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help you restore your smile!

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